White-throated Treecreeper

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White-throated Treecreeper

I took some photos of this young Lady  a few minutes ago outside my kitchen window. Dropped everything and ran outside. Work can wait, birds won't. A girl has to have priorities, as birdgirl (Kim) ones told me.

DSC01322 (2) DSC01314 (2) enjoy, I did.

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I brightened up the first photo,(just minimal), that way the face of the bird shows up better. What do you think? In reality the bird is as dark as in the first photo.Let me know what you think?

DSC01322 (3)


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great pics, I can never get that close to a Treecreeper


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Lovely bird to have visiting your garden, M-L. Repost looks great and not overdone.


Melbourne, VIC

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Interesting birds. Never seen. M-L, try to use Curves feature to correct shadowing locally. Just a small improvement.



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Wonderful to have in your backyard. I'd drop anything to to get a photo this nice.

If you are able to obtain a copy of photoshop there are some great tools that can do very selective lightening. One is the dodge tool. You apply via a brush that you can customize for hard/soft edges (all brushes have this in Photoshop) and then you can lighten just the areas around the face. Using a soft brush will ensure there are no distinct edges between areas you have lightened and areas that remain untouched.

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Thanks everyone for the advice, couldn't answer earlier, didn't get into BIBY. As soon as my computer is up to speed again, someone will have a look at it tonight, I will get photoshop back. I did have parts of it, but as Akos knows , never used it. I feel now that I should. Sounds good to be able to brighten up certain areas, like the head in this photo, because the rest of the photo is just right.

The Treecreeper was very close, that's why he hasn't got a tail. They are very easy to sneak up on, every time the bird is behind the tree you make a few steps forward, even a bird can't see around a tree trunk.(LOL) If your hearing is as good as mine, you can even hear where the bird is, otherwise you have to guess where it might be. One of my friends said to me some time ago, even with a big lens," you have to zoom in with your feet". Good advice I think.


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