White-winged Fairy-Wren

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Rick N
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White-winged Fairy-Wren

About a month ago I came across a lovely little wren that was just starting to show some colour.

Went back on the weekend and he is coming along nicely though very hard to approach.

Photos not so good but show him colouring up. Can anyone help with how long the actual process takes?

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Interesting photos, Rick. smiley Can't give you an answer on the time frames. He does look a little forlorn though.

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Based on my experience of Superb Fairy-wrens entering breeding plumage I would expect that this White-winged Fariy Wren would be in full breeding plumage by now. No doubt there are all sorts of variables which would affect the speed of breeding plumage development. Species might be one. 


NIce photos Rick - beautiful little bird

Logan Lalonde
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Beautiful shots! You've really captured the splotches of blue and white in this young bird's plumage.

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