White-winged Fairy-wren

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Rebecca Z
White-winged Fairy-wren

I went out looking for Southern Emu-wren's with a friend today. We tried two sites but without any success, I get the feeling that they're the kind of bird that you have to sit and wait all day for, and even then you might not see or even hear one.

So after dipping on them, I thought I'd share some white-winged fairy-wrens that I photographed in January this year. If you've looked at my blog you will have seen these, but thought I'd share them anyway :)

Canon 550D, 55-250IS @250mm, 1/1250sec, f/6.3, ISO400, monopod


And one of his lady friends :)

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Great shots a Rebecca I love the colours on the male and the smooth blurry background

Cheers BabyBirdwatcher


Beautiful little birds ... lovely shots

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Great photo's!

Samford Valley Qld.

Annie W
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Could the pose of the male be any cuter, he knows he's got it!  Sweet little girl too.  Brilliant captures Rebecca, I'd love to see these one day!

West Coast Tasmania

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