White-winged Fairy-wren + more

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White-winged Fairy-wren + more

These photos are from a recent trip to Lake Cargelligo. Enjoy!

White-winged Fairy-wren:






Glossy Ibis:




Gull-billed Tern:


Yellow-billed Spoonbill:


Little Grassbird:


If you disagree with any of the ID's, please correct me.

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Wow, White-winged  Wren, i would like to see one .  And I like the last one. Must have been a nice trip.


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that must have been a great trip

really like the W-w F-w and the Y-b Spoonbill


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Hi akasha. Great pictures. Those white-winged wrens are wonderful. If I wanted to visit Lake Cargelligo towards which state should I point my car?

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Nice photos Akasha, the Wrens are stunning, I would love to get a glimpse of these. Can you mention where this Lake is if you don't mind.



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Lake Cargelligo a town in the middle of NSW. These wrens were very easy to spot at the Lake Cargelligo Sewage Treatment Works. 

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The white-winged fairy-wren is spectacular. It's nice to see your cockatiels in the wild. We found one in our backyard a few months ago ... and she's still here

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Thanks Akasha, warming up the engine now!

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I agree that the little white winged FW is a beauty ....  ahh so many birds and so little time ... and such a big country!! I llike you little grass bird, I am always catching glimpses of them and hearing them but never seem to get a shot as I am too slow and my eyes not good enough . Straange how our best places are where we treat our waste isn't it!!!!

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Amazing Akasha.....love all of them especially the Fairy wren, how good it must be to see a bird like that.....well done.

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