White-winged triller, male in breeding plumage

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White-winged triller, male in breeding plumage

I was just coming back from our back paddock this morning not having any photos to show for my efforts and my husband pointed out a bid he did not know. I snapped some pictures, checked my field guide, and tracked him down, I hope correctly!

He was on the lawn only metres from the house!


Very nice sighting and photos.

I think you are right with the id - but i have only seen one WW triller before. 

Annie W
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Isn't that the way, spend all day in the field (in your case literally by the sounds laugh), come back with nothing to show, then right at the last minute close to home....what a great find.  Is this a species that you have seen around your place before Wollemi, or a new one?

West Coast Tasmania

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This is a new species to me, have not noticed them here before, we are getting more birds every year.

I have sighted 55 species in our yard, and photographed 28 species so far. I don't get out every day, and not even every week. and usually not for a long time. I know that sounds odd but I have so much to do it is not always easy to get outside and just look.

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