Who's the BOSS !!

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Who's the BOSS !!

I was wandering in the wetland area when I saw a whistling kite landing on the top of a dead tree. His rest was short lived as a grey fantail came within a few seconds and chased him away. There was no resistance - might is right  !! LOL

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I have seen the same thing happen many times, the Willie-Wagtails are the bravest little birds I have seen. They take on the biggest BOP you can think of.  Great photos again Nahar, I love them.


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Its great to see pics like this.  Well done.

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Poor bugger he probably really wanted to rest too. I find it quite amusing that such a small bird annoys such a powerful bird. You think it would be the other way round. We have sat in amusement and watched it ourselves a few times. Love your photos Nahar they are really great, thanks for sharing.

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Great shots and like everyone else, yes I have seen them chased by other smaller birds.  it amazes me how ferocious the wagtails and fantails can be....and then there is the Magpie Lark..... they will take anything on.  Would I be right in thinking that the Whistling kite is less aggressive than other species of BOP?  or is it the same for most of them?

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