Why I live where I live.

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Why I live where I live.

I'm very fortunate to live where I live. An hour with the camera in the garden this afternoon ....

Mother of three and a very, very good mother. Not particularly happy about my camera being pointed in her direction but kept on bringing food to her chicks ..Introducing Miss Little Friarbird.

Usually way up in the top of the trees out of range is this Olive-backed Oriole, very common in SE Queensland but will be of interest to our Vic, SA and WA readers.

Look Mum, "No hands"!

 Not sure what sort of tree this is but it's feeding a lot of birds at the moment including this male Figbird.

Has to be a mother and two daughters?

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Wow, great photos Reflex! Very good shots, especially the last one.


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As a South Australian I am interested in the Olive-backed Oriole, Reflex. When I lived in the Adelaide foothills suburb of Torrens Park I was sometimes visited by an Olive-backed Oriole. It was in my early days of interest in birds & I can't recall whether this species was a regular visit to part or parts of Adelaide. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

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Wow, great photos, your yard seems like a great spot! and its not often that you see an oriole so low down!

Woko, I think we decided last time someone posted and oriole ID from SA that it is quite unusual to get one in SA, although they do turn up occasionally in the west near Vic. ebird range map

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Lovely birds. I especially like the wrens :)

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Awesome photos, well done.


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Very jealous of the variety of birds you get at you place Reflex especially the wrens. These are great shots, very clear and nice bright colours. I have been trying to stalk the birds at our new place, but other than Miners, Butcherbirds and Magpies I haven't been able to get much. I did manage to get a photo of a male Koel and some Plumed Whistling Ducks which we have lots of. They are quite shy though. I did see a Black-Shouldered Kite, Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos and hear a Whistling Kite the other day, so hopefully I will have some pics soon

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Thanks, Ryu. I feel very privileged to have seen one in Adelaide on several,occasions.

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Great shots Reflex, looks like a great yard for the birds.

Woko, remember birds can't read so they don't know what the guide says. I have a pair of OBO that stay over Winter but the book says they head North ;)

Shorty......Canon gear




Great photos Reflex - wonderful variety of birds in your garden.

Excellent one of the figbird eating the berry !

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Yes, Shorty. Clearly, by paying no attention to the distribution map in the field guide, the Olive-backed Oriole was able to hide the fact that it couldn't read.

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Would love to have them on tap in my backyard.

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