Willie Wagtail in the Red Dust

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Willie Wagtail in the Red Dust

I think Willie Wagtails are one of the real characters of Australia's birds and love taking photos of them. I particularly liked the contrast between the red dirt and the Wagtail in these shots.

It was so hot on this day, well over 40 degrees, that a Sand Goanna joined us (me and the Wagtail) under the shade structure and this young Willie Wagtail danced and "chcked" around the goanna cheekily, and the goannas response? Flick a bit of the red dust over itself and keep cool, not giving the Wagtail a second glance!

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They are certainly such characters! I love their little eyebrows. This guy looks a little fired up though. Probably wasn't coping so well in the heat. You know what, I have not yet seen a Willie in the Darwin area. I do miss them.

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They are around Darwin, just keep looking!

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Such a lot of attitude for a little bird!!!

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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They are a cheeky little bird, and I can just picture this one teasing the goanna.  Lovely pics.

Brisbane southside.


Great shots, what a contrast against the red dust. One of my fav little birds.I agree with Karen they are a cheeky little bird and great fun to photograph.

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