Willy Wagtails & Ravens

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Willy Wagtails & Ravens

Hello everyone. I recently moved to Crescent Head NSW and was very gratified when the bird bath was occupied within hours by a family of Willy Wagtails.

With the warmer weather, there is a Raven that wants to use the bath also, but if they see it, they hound it until it flies away - they even stand on its back  & peck at it. David & Goliath :D.

The Raven must get its share of access though as I often find things in the water - bread, berries etc. This fits in with behaviour I have observed before elsewhere where a Raven would bring pieces of dried bread & leave it in the fountain pool for 15mins to soak, then come back to check if it was ready!

My favourite local though is the Pied Butcher Bird - arguably the most beautiful birdsong anywhere. It was only an occasional visitor where I was living before (Central Coast NSW) but is common here. 

There seems to be a lot of birding activity around here, so I hope to meet up with some other people who share my interests in birds & native plants.


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welcome to the forum and looking fwarding to some of your pics


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Great observations, joanne. No doubt you have many more. I think you'll find plenty of people on this forum who share your interests.

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Hmm today's addition to the birdbath is a large number of drowned maggots. Wonder what they were on ... 

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Wow thats not a pleasant addition! The raven may have brought some delicously decaying food over?

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I was watching 1 of the many pairs that around my place at the moment, attack a large monitor lizard (goanna) last week end. 


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