Windy but Bright

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Rick N
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Windy but Bright

Driving through Port Augusta heading west a couple of weeks ago. Just had to stop at the Arid Lands Gardens on a very windy, but quite bright, day. (for a change)

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A lovely collection of gorgeous birds, Rick. :) Windy days can be frustrating with moving branches and unsettled birds, but you caught them wonderfully. (particularly like the Crested Pigeon all fluffed up)

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The Arid Lands Botanic Garden is a most interesting place, Rick. It has a great display of Eremophilas which are wonderful Honeyeater attractors & require no watering at all so they're ideally suited to, well....arid lands, I suppose. The natural heathland adjacent to the Garden is an even better place to watch birds!

Rick N
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Agree Woko, an amazing variety of arid land plants and so well set out, can easily spend hours there though usually time limited as passing through.

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Very nice set Rick.

I like that bright grey light as it doesn't blow the highlights out.

The Crested is my pick too, nice detail and well exposed.



Hunter Valley NSW

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Windy days can make focusing very tricky. What equipment did you use for those shots Rick?

Samford Valley Qld.

Rick N
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Hi Reflex,

My usual rig D600, 300/f4, 1.4 tc all nikon.

All shots were hand held, though I have recently bought a monopod but only used it once.

I have found that with more practice I am able to drop shutter speeds and still get crisp results.


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Beautiful set of shots Rick!!!  So crisp and gorgeous .... may have been a dull day but they have come up a treat

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