Woodlands Historic Park.

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Woodlands Historic Park.

A quick trip out to Woodlands to try for Flame and Red-capped Robins proved fruitless but these little cuties co-operated. For any members in Melbourne, please note that the gates into the Back Paddock are still locked. Thanks for viewing.

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Beautiful George, I love the way the top two are such a classic pose that it almost looks like it is the same picture just put on a diffent background.  Well done with the cisticola  ....still something i would love to see and capture smiley

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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I love the Cisticola, thanks. I don't see these birds out the other side of outer south east Melbourne.

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Really well taken Geroge. I can't recall seeing a Cisticola in there before.

Cheers, Owen.

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Beautiful shots George.

So you went out to Woodlands, while some of us went to the WTP yesterday.LOL. I almost got some good shots of a Brown Falcon, but made a mistake and it got away. Missed out on Flamed Robins, but took some good(?) shots of a Cisticola. (almost as good as yours, haha?). I was goung to post, but now that you put up such a beauty, I will wait a litle while .

I love your Cisticola, enjoying it very much, thanks.


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each photograph clear and beautiful captures

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Thanks to allwhocommented.

M-L, I had planned to go to the WTP but unfortunately had to change my plans. Woodlands was the only place nearby and so took the opportunity to look around the place.


Melbourne, VIC

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Nice photos GeorgeP, nice exposure with the Cisticola considering the bright background, and the fluffed up feathers adds another dimension.



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Exceptionally nice images George. Well done mate.

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Lovely pics, well done.  I've never seen or even heard of the Cisticola.

Brisbane southside.

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Great photos. Love the Cisticola.

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