Wrens After Rain - like kids in a playground!

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Wrens After Rain - like kids in a playground!

Following my decision never to leave the house without my camera, I was out feeding horses between some quite heavy showers on Thursday evening. (Victoria Point, Qld)

Just after sheltering in the feed shed during a particularly heavy shower, I started the long trek up to the horse in the top paddock, camera slung around my neck and pulling a one handled barrow loaded with his dinner.

One of the Blue Wren families chose that moment to dry themselves off in spectacular fashion, the noise reminded me of kids being let out for recess time in the school yard.

I stood and kept clicking away, and was amazed at how they snuggled up to each other - basically using each other as towels. :)

The bush was just loaded with little wrens, probably about 10 - 12 birds altogether.

Snuggling up began in two, then three, then four little birds all on the same branch trying to fit into the space of one. They were all grooming themselves and each other. The action was fast and furious, so by the time there were five altogether I switched to the video.

Needless to say, no tripod = terrible video as I was just standing there with the camera in hand, so I'm not about to post that.

Some of these photos are not terribly clear, hopefully everyone gets to enjoy part of the fun!


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So cute, in photo 1, 2&3 there are two girls snuggling up to a boy .(still in breeding plumage)

I know, you are sick of all the rain you had, but we would love some down here. There is no grass in the paddock, we have to buy feed for the horses, everything has turned to dust.


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