The Yellow Robin with the lump

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The Yellow Robin with the lump

You will remember the Yellow Robin in my garden that I followed and took photos of since it had just come out of the nest, and was fed for  a long time by it's mother. It always stayed much smaller than the others. It has become rather tame, and when I walk outside it follows me around. I took this photo yesterday, when I had a look on the PC, I noticed that unfortunately the growth now has spred to the face, it is clearly visible in the photo. It might just be on the outside, who knows.

The lump is right up to her eye now. DSC02249 (1)

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Well, the Robin's beak looks shiny and healthy, the eye is bright, the body looks a little hunched whether that is due to being cold or something else I have no idea but the bird otherwise looks healthy - much better than I would have expected from the very first photos. I guess while there is life there is hope and this little bird is proof of that. Thanks for the update M-L.

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Lovely shot of the robin. I have one that follows me around here too, but I haven't been able to get as close as shot as you have.  I can see the lump but only because you pointed it out.  I probably wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.  As Alison says, the bird does like quite healthy.  Hoping that's the case and it lives for quite awhile, maybe having its own babies.

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