Yellow-tailed Cockatoo

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Yellow-tailed Cockatoo

One minute you think: o, aren't they beautiful?

Next minute you go: o no, they are destroying my trees ?

And it does only take a few minutescrying

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That last photo - cheeky devil knows exactly what he's doing!

Maybe bark at them? *boomtish*


love your first photo particularly - showing all the yellow in the feathers. Hope they dont do too much damage.

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Destroying your trees or protecting them from borers, Araminta?

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Too right Wokowink those trees have lots of different bugs and borers inside , that's why the Cockies do it. I also have lots of Sugar Gliders shredding the trunks of some trees, as soon as the Cockies are finished getting the bugs out, zap will be oozing out.The zap is what the gliders are after at nightdevil

It proves the point that dead or dying trees serve a valuable purpose in the life of the bush.


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She's laughing at you in the last photo, Araminta!

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lucky girl yes


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