Yellow-tufted honeyeater and Turquoise parrot.

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Yellow-tufted honeyeater and Turquoise parrot.

Having trouble with the picture size here - will try again. These were taken down Wallangarra Road near Stanthorpe a couple of days ago. Couldn't get close to the turquoise parrot , she was a lovely bird but rather shy, so the clarity of the photo isn't great. I like the one of the yellow-tufted honeyeater trying to chase the cockoo-shrike away -  what a fierce little bird! So pretty too.

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Never seen either of them, thanks Meave. I like the first one, I love the pose.



Lovely Meave, we went on the hunt for the turquoise a while back but had no luck im glad to see you did. Please dont apologise for the quality of the shot, you got one and thats the main thing. I also love the first shot with her/his wings fanned out. Their colours are so vibrant. Sure is a pretty bird.

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Thanks for the comments - we saw on Eremaea bird sighting notifications that theTurquoise parrot had been seen down there (Old Wallangarra Rd is about 20 or so km south of Stanthorpe) - we spent a few hours in a little clearing past the corner of Hicking Lane, and there are sure lots of birds there after they settle down when you first come. The Yellow-tufted Honeyeater was also a pleasant surprise, what a lovely little bird - also Diamond firetails, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, Crimson Rosellas and a Grey Shrike-thrush singing his heart out, Eastern yellow Robins - a lovely day altogether.


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