Young Crimson Rosella

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Young Crimson Rosella

eating weeds in my messy garden, and loving it.

(if you like the photo, I have a few more.LOL)

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Now, I have to say, on my computer  this photo look as sharp as can be, and the colours are bright. The flowers on the weeds are clear and sharp. On here it looks dull and grey and doesn't reproduce the quality of the original photo. Why is this?


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It's still quite sharp M-L. Well done on a good close up they are such nice birds.

Cheers, Owen.

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Looks great to me also, and is a lovely pic.  Too wet to go far today, but did manage to see a pelican flying over.

Brisbane southside.

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The feather detail is still very good adn the blue cheek has come up beautifully


Araminta this is a beautiful shot, I love it. They are a beautiful bird, no doubt about it.

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