Your opinions needed - citizen science training survey

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Your opinions needed - citizen science training survey

Hi guys

We and a few other organisations have been chatting with Taronga Zoo about setting up a training course for citizen scientists. Taronga is very interested in hearing about what people think about the idea and who would use it. It would be great if you all could take part in an online survey to let them know your thoughts: 


Citizen science, also known as community-based monitoring, brings together communities and scientists to address environmental, economic, social and humanitarian issues. Taronga Zoo is setting up a novel programme that aims to improve community confidence in science and engage the community in science activities by delivering excellent, targeted, hands on environmental training to all sectors of the community. Taronga Zoo will bring scientists, industry, local government, educators and community members together on a range of ecological research initiatives. Communication frameworks and infrastructure will be developed to provide ongoing support for partners that rely on citizen scientists, volunteers and the wider community.

The Zoo will train citizens to measure and critically evaluate environmental factors and equip trainees with a better understanding of scientific initiatives in their communities.  Using online tools, in-class workshops and field training exercises, Taronga Zoo will educate and empower citizens to understand and take part in research initiatives in their community, fostering a strong sense of science ownership.

The survey is here:

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Holly, if this great idea gets off the ground at Taronga Zoo, I wonder if it could be extended to other zoos in Australia. ABC Radio 891 in Adelaide has encouraged people to get involved in recording details of Australian magpies & a couple of other species so I'm wondering if ABC stations in other parts of Australia could be involved in promoting the idea.

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It certainly could Woko. I am in touch with the person who is looking to get it up off the ground and, whilst it is still early days, BIBY is likely to be involved in it. 

Its another interesting area of education that I would like to take BIBY into... (amongst many many others wink)

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While I'm not interested in doing this through Taronga (what with being in Brissie and all), and hence don't want to skew their results, it has interested me to look at Citizen Science programs being run locally, and it looks like the Qld Museum may have some going on.


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