....and birds can fly?

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....and birds can fly?
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They don't look like controlled burns, they look like huge uncontrolled fires to me. Shame on them, they probably do nothing to stop animals being killed.

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So called prescribed burns are a classic case of the blame the victim approach. This is because developers & their customers destroy the bush so that the sights & sounds of nature can be enjoyed. But people aren't prepared to accept that bushfires are a natural part of Australia & so they want governments to intervene & not only destroy more bush to prevent fires (they hope) but also plant exotic vegetation as a replacement. A double whammy.

Whether the prescribed burns provide any protection from bushfires is another issue. A recent SA report said that burned areas of bushland in the Mt Lofty Ranges have been colonised by Golden Wattle Acacia pycnantha which is quite flammable. I wonder what the Victorian situation is.

As well, fire breaks are bulldozed through high quality bushland to enable fire fighters to get at fires. However, the fire breaks remove canopy & fire-resistant understorey & so allow annual weeds to invade the fire tracks. As we all know dead annual weeds in summer are a great tinder box for bushfires.

And to top it all, in SA a significant number controlled burns become bushfires which threaten life, limb & property. I believe similar events occur in Victoria. So the question arises: Is the bushfire bureaucracy out of control?

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