another at the bathing bowl

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another at the bathing bowl

After getting out of the shower and looking for my mobile phone I realised I left it out the back on patio. Feeling brave I decided to discreetly step outside still wrapped in a towel to get it. Then I saw them ...Brown honeyeaters at the bathing bowl !

I had no other option but to quickly grab my camera and get some shots as this was another species enjoying bathing in this very popular bowl. God knows what the neighbours would have thought if they seen me taking photos in a towel. Anyway the few shots I got was worth it and I also managed to get a little video of Silvereyes at the bowl also.

Annie W
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laughlaugh Imagine if the door had shut, or worse had shut in Tassie weather, so funny shoop!  Seriously glad you did though.  Another fantastic flight shot that first one.  They're all so beautiful - what the heck is the funny little guy doing in the third shot, cracked up when I saw that one!  Looks like he just finished 50 laps in an Olympic sized pool and is only just managing to pull his exhausted body up the side, Oh my God, pant, I just made it laugh.

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Beautiful photos .... that bowl is a big hit with all the birds

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Hey Shoop, Great images all of them & the 1st is a cracker.


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Hah... love them all! I like the second one particularly.


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