An apple a day keeps the Currawong away.

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An apple a day keeps the Currawong away.

I watched three Currawongs watching some people having a picnic to-day.

Whilst they were busy cooking on the barbeque one of the birds decided to help himself to a drink out of one of the kids drinks and take a piece out of an apple.

The apple rolled off the table onto the floor so I picked the apple up and put it onto the edge of the barbeque areas tin roof.

Result the birds left the food on the table alone and allowed me to take some close ups as they fed on the apple. Magnificent yellow eyes and a first for me.

Rick N
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Nice shots Reflex, usually only see them in the bush here and very wary.

Lovely detail in the feathers.

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A good example of how humans who leave their food lying around advantage some bird species rather than others. The implications of this aren't often thought about.


Shiver .... seeing claws on metal gives me the same reaction as fingernails on blackboards. MIght be showing my age as maybe chalk and blackboards are a thing of the past.

Great thinking to get some wonderful closeups that way Reflex.

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