At the bath

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At the bath

This angry looking White-browed Scrubwren enjoyed a bath in my garden.

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Nasty angry


Annie W
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I am convinced, that the creators of those other "Angry Birds", actually modelled their characters on Scrubwrens cheeky  Gotta love Scrubwrens, so much attitude packed into such a little (ish) bird.  Great shot yes

West Coast Tasmania

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I think a lot of little birds like Willie Wagtails and Grey Fantails (and apparently Scrubwrens) have the attitude of a big bird stuffed into a small bird's body, and they're not happy about it.

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Great shot. Sometimes I enjoy just sitting and watching the different personalities of the birds. Some seem to have so much to say, others are happy to just sit and take in their surroundings whilst others are in a great hurry.

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