A couple of IDs needed

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A couple of IDs needed

Was up in the Wellington Forest of the South West of WA and came across these couple of birds which I cant seem to identify 

Couldnt get a clear shot of the first bird but it had rather distinctive gold bronze splash on its wings

Thanks in advance for any help 


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Hi Laza, just trying to hone my ID skills so forgive me if I am way off.

1. Thornbill, maybe Western (really just a guess).

2. Hooded Robin, male left female right? Can't see the chest of the bird on the left, which might confirm or otherwise ID.

As always happy to be wrong!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I think the first one looks like a Whistler, perhaps a Golden(Western) Whistler or a Rufous Whistler.

The 2nd photo looks like White-breasted Robins. 

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Thanks for the feedback guys , much appreciated

Yes I think the White brested Robin is correct for the second one

Still Not sure about the first, while it was roughly the size of the whistler the colouring of the wings which is hard to make out in photo was quite striking like a bronzewing pattern 

Thanks again 

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First shot reminds me of ether a Whistler or a fantailed cuckoo (though there's no eye ring discernble in the picture).


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