a few from Tassie

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a few from Tassie

A few from our brief visit to Tasmania where the weather was very wet and windy so not many birds.


Love this Yellow Wattlebird at Bicheno

Scarlet Robin at Waterworks Reservoir, Hobart

Flame Robin (a first for me) seen at Sideling Lookout on our last day as we drove to the ferry

Hooded Plover a pleasant surprise at Four Mile Creek, Tasmania

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Good shots Sue, I always have a soft spot for the robins.

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Great shots Sue. I always get excited when going to a new place as you just know you will see some birds for the first time. Well done!


All very nice shots and great birds to get .... little flame robin is beautiful

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The wattle on the wattle bird is more striking than the Red wattle bird, I have not seen one before, beautiful photos.


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Great set Sue

That wattle bird certainly is impressive, I havent seen one of those before either.

The flame robin is another I love to see in the flesh, great contrast with Scarlett Robin

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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The Yellow Wattlebird has quite a distincive call making it easy to locate. I could not capture the whole bird as not using the zoom lens but really happy with it. These birds were often looking underneath a branch and the long wattles hung down from the head looking rather funny.

The robins are always beautiful --- I had been searching for a Flame Robin for some time after my friend pictured one atop Mt Wellington. It came and admired itself in the side mirror of her car. Male & female were present with both robins so I had a good comparison of those as well.

I had seen a Hooded Plover once before but did not get a decent picture so a pleasant surprise to see three of them in this secluded area.

Pleased that you enjoyed the shots and thanks fro the comments. I'll post a couple more later but these were the highlights.


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Nice photos Sue, for those who have not seen a Yellow Wattle Bird, you need to get to Tassie, as it is one of our endemic species. I don't have a pic of one, but have seen a few, very distinctive.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Great set of pics Sue. All would be new to me. I have never been to Tas but it is certainly on my wish list. Did you happen to see any Pink Robins?

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Did not see any Pink Robins this trip but have seen one before at the Devils Gate picnic area near Barrington and Sheffield. I was watching a pair of Scarlet Robins when this pink one appeared. Gone in a flash into the denser bush but I was told you could find one around the car park at Liffey Falls. I plan to check that out when I get back there in a more suitable car. Worth a visit


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All great shots Sue. I've only been to Tasmania once but really enjoyed it.

Samford Valley Qld.

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Great set Sue

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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