A few from around my place that visit

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A few from around my place that visit

Eastern Yellow Robin

Willie Wagtail

Spotted Pardalote

Little Yellow Thornbill


Scarlet Honeyeater

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WOW! What a wonderful collection of birds at your place.

I'd only go inside to charge the camera batteries otherwise I'd just stay outside all day and what the variety of birds.

Great pics too.

Look forward to seeing more.

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Thank you Devster yes sometimes it is like that about charging the batteries. :-)


Amazing photos of the lovely visitors to your property Wanda.

Thanks for posting.

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Great photos! I really love the one of the pardalote smiley Such lovely colours.

Thanks for sharing!

Chris 333
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Wonderful pictures and delightful birds. I'd love to have the skill and patience to capture pictures of that quality.

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Thanks for sharing you wonderful photos, Wanda.

I love the brightness of the scarlet honeyeater!

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