a few interesting birds

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a few interesting birds

Spent 3 months travelling around last year and still culling pictures. However thought I would share a few which may be of interest including two which were new to me.

The first was the pair of Major Mitchell's Cockatoos, male and female (pink eye), which waited while I executed a U-turn and pulled out the camera. The White-breasted Whistler was also new but only the female wanted to pose well for pictures.

As quite a few other new birds were seen, I will add some more a bit later.


This little cutie is a Rufous Fieldwren from Coral Bay, WA

Baillons Crake from Mathoura, NSW

Splendid Fairywren from Hattah Kyune NP, Vic

One of my favourites... Striped Honeyeater which came closer and closer to check me out at Hattah Kyune NP, Vic

my first Major Mitchell's Cockatoo, female of the pair seen on the road between Balladonia & Eucla, WA

Black-tailed Native-hen from Parrys Lagoon Reserve, near Wyndham in WA

Spinfex Pigeon from Cockatoo Lagoon, Keep River NP, NT

Yellow-tinted Honeyeater at Timber Creek, NT

Australian Pratincole at Fogg Dam, NT

Bar-breasted Honeyeater at Mataranka, NT

White-breasted Whistler female seen at Karumba, Qld where the male was poorly photgraphed as he refused to come out of the shadows

Red-winged Parrot from Cobbold Gorge, Qld.

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Thanks for posting such a wonderful diversity of Australian birds, Sue. I’m deeply impressed with your appreciation of them & other posts you’ve made over time. 

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Absolutely brilliant Sue, all except the Baillons Crake would be new for me. Love your photo's.


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Thanks for the comments, guys. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the birds from around Australia as not all of us have the opportunities to get out and about. We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful place with such diversity. Bird behaviour is also very interesting but it cannot always be translated into a picture. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few outback places where he can photograph flowers and textures while I enjoy the birds. Plenty of birds still left to see and photograph so looks like we will need to keep on with it while we can. 


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beautiful, on so many levels.

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Wow fantastic set Sue! There would be 7 new species for me in there. The Rufous Fieldwren is my favourite.

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Wow another incredible set Sue, thanks for the sharing 

That rufous fieldwren is a cracker 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Thank you for all the kind comments. Yes that little Fieldwren did perform well. I have another of it on a fence but the action shot is much better.


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Fantastic set of pics Sue! Love the Spinifex pigeon. Most would be new to me so pleased you shared them.

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