A few from recent travel

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A few from recent travel

Just a few from recent travels as I have not posted for some time. Hope you find them interesting


Crimson Chat seen at Maree, SA

Mulga Parrot seen in Flinders Ranges, SA

Rufous Treecreeper from Dryandra Woodlands, WA

Grey-fronted Honeyeater at Timber Creek, NT

Silver-backed Butcherbird near Pine Creek, NT

White-browed Woodswallow at Chinaman's Reservoir, Cloncurry QLD

Paperbark Flycatcher at Chinaman's Reservoir, Cloncurry, QLD. Originally posted as Restless Flycatcher.

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Wow. Love the red in that chat.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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Simply stunning thanks Sue

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Beautiful photos. That chat is simply stunning.


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Thank you, I am glad you enjoy them. Very helpful when the bird is cooperative like the Chat and the light is good. My husband had spotted a little red bird earlier in the day so I went to investigate & found it still in the area, ignoring me and concentrating on finding food. You can be lucky.

Alex Rogers
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Lovely birds, and some great photos Sue. You've evidently been doing some good travelling :-) 

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Thank you, Alex. Pleased you like them. I have spent quite some time travelling round Australia in recent years as easier than overseas & plenty to explore. Therefore , I have not visited this site as often but will try to do so ... although we are off exploring shortly. 

These pictures are some of my favourites and the light was excellent which helped immensely. Please post your pictures so we can all enjoy them.

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Scintillatingly stunning stuff, Sue.

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Thanks, Woko. They are wonderful memories of our travels.

However, I may have mis-labelled the Restless Flycatcher as apparently only Paperbark Flycatchers have been recorded at Cloncurry. I think they could overlap here from the distribution maps and am awaiting clarification. Makes for interesting discussion and thought.

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Love the photos, Sue. All new and interesting birds to me.


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Thanks, Tim. Apologies for the tardy reply but WiFi difficult recently. These were some I thought might be interesting to others. Working to find a few more for the challenge.

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That Mulga Parrot, almost iridescent and glowing. Looks like a kid painted it ;-) What camera were you using Sue? 

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I use a Nikon D500 with Tamron 150-600 G2 lens. That morning the light just hit at the right angle & brought out the feathering beautifully... it was like a little jewel In the sunny patches. Luck that I was there at the right moment.

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