A few regulars over the weekend

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A few regulars over the weekend

Went to Mt Glorious with Reflex for a look on Sunday. It was a last minute decision so it was a bit of a late start, hence the harsh light on some of them. I love this time of year, the birds are sooo active! 

Woompoo Fruit-Dove - There were about 5 of these in this one fig tree but high up and in amongst the folage. Hard to get a decent shot.

These Brown Gerygones were everywhere and singing loudly.

Grey Fantails Always like to pose

The most Large-Billed Scrubwrens I have seen in a while as well.

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Great set, would love to see a Woompoo Fruit-Dove, if that is a regular, you get more than your fair share of them up your way

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Lovely set Dev, some of those close ups are amazing

Though like Ryu I would love to see a Fruit Dove

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Lovely photos. I'll have to head up there soon.

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yes, these are lovely photos, that Large Billed scrubwren looks like its in a hurry to be somewhere!



Nice set of shots - that Woompoo Fruit-Dove  is a very colourful bird. Great closeup of the LB scrub wren.

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Beautiful photos! I sure wish my Grey Fantails would like to pose! No such luck here. I have not seen the wompoo fruit dove or the large billed scrub wrens but would love to, they look delightful birds

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