film cameras need a new home

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film cameras need a new home

To give away to a new home for the cost of postage - unless you live in Brisbane and can pick them up.

I was given these by a colleague who's Mum was going to put them in the bin. I don't want them and my school photo club has no use for them either.

1) Minolta 8700i with a couple of batteries, a 2000xi flash,AF 35-70 lens, AF 100 - 300 lens, and remote cord RC-1000S

2) Praktica LTL3 and with 50mmf1.8  and Praktica BMS electronic  with 50mmf1.8 lens and Praktica 80-200 pentacon lens

3) Haminx Amphibian with 35mm f2.8 lens 

I have no idea if they are in working condition - cosmetically they are good for their age.  Of course I cannot offer any guarantee except that they physically exist, and that at this point in time they are in my house.

If no-one wants them, then they eventually will make their way to the bin, so please ask around!



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Don't throw them away ,put them on eBay people pay good money for these old cameras some silly old buggers even collect them Iknow (I have over 200 vintage cameras)

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Make sure you look up the lenses- if they are in good condition, they can be worth more than the camera they are attached to depending on digital compatibility. Sorry I can't help with telling you how much they're worth- has a great database of Pentax K-mount lenses, but most of those look like other brand mounts. There is a huge array of other mounts, and I don't know where to go to find info about them. If you could post some photos of the lens front objective, I'd be happy to try and find out some info though!  

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