The galah tree

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The galah tree

The galah tree, a mally, May be 80 years old or more, has stood with its brand on high for several years now. The tree would have been 50 meters tall. With a falk on top. A small branch, out from the side, is the nesting sight for a pear of what I believe are some old galahs (as they are very pale pink) ever year, these galahs have nested in this tree, have 1-2 chicks at a time.

this year they successfully catches one healthy chicken. The bird fledged a few weeks ago now.

resently, there was quite a larg storm, thunder, rain wind...the holl thing. The galah tree, being this age, lost its top the weeks end. I am happy to say that the nest is ok. All tho the galah are a bit confused on how to land now, as they would usually land on the top that once stuck up from the canopy. 

the galahs should be fine, they just got to figger out a new way of landing in the leafy parts around their nest.

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I suspect they'll manage, Lightuningbird.

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