A good weekend as well

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A good weekend as well

Reflex and I did our own thing Saturday (Was not keen to be up at 3am Saturday morning), but then we met up and wend out to Samsonvale on Sunday morning. We did get alot of the same birds and still have so many to go through. Here are some of my favs for the weekend. Some of them are the same bird (sorry).

Varied Sitella (New species for me)

Young Scrub Turkey, just a few days old.

Female Rufous Whistler checking me out. I love their curiosity

Female Cicadabird (A new one for me)

Pheasant Coucal in flight

Eastern Whipbird

Forest Kingfisher

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Great shot of the CP in flight!

I can't believe how big the feet are on the Sitella..massive!

Samford Valley Qld.

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Nice ones Devster,

PC in flight is a cracker.

Shorty......Canon gear




Lots of great photos Devster - well done on getting some new species.

Nice detailed photo of the sitella - most of my sitella shots end up being the rear of the bird with the head hidden around the other side of a branch. 

Good to see your still photographing your old friends the forest kingfisher!

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Great set Devster!

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

Rick N
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What a mix!! Great set of shots Devster.

Sittella in the usual pose and I think any Whipbird is a good one.

Kingfisher has sat up nicely as well.

Green with envy :-)

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