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hello from Mt George

hi everyone. I've lived on our bush property for over 10 years and have combined my love of native plants and birds into a garden to blend into the bush. I'm totally wrapped in having found this site, and am so looking forward to all the knowledge of our beautiful bird life that you guys have to offer.   Julie

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Hi Julie, and welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to hear from you, and what you can see on your bush property.


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Welcome from me, too, Julie. Apart from the birds on your property, I'm particularly interested in the blending of your garden with the bush & am keen to learn how you went about this.

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welcome from Hervey Bay its a great site i could spend hours reading and looking at all the  bird pictures , i have learnt a lot already. 


Annie W
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Welcome from down South!  I second Woko.  Currently planning a new area of garden in our own backyard & would love to hear how you merged backyard with bush.

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