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help with id please

I saw a bird along the storm water canal, where there is a greenway corridor, and i am pretty much aware of all the birds that are there and this one seemed new to me.  I didn't get a good look sadly, but it had a noticeably long beak, and was mostly brown, at least on the back and wings.  I first thought it was just a common myna bird, but it was larger than this and that's what made me take a second look.

Any ideas?  It could be a white faced heron i suppose, the light was poor, which i have seen there before, but it seemed smaller than that.

Thank you

Oh, this is Inner Sydney area.

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Nankeen Night-heron? After basically no records for close to a year we had many turn up all over Canberra over the past 2 months. Almost all juveniles.

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thank you for that Ryu, it is a good possibility, I will keep an eye out!


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