hovering Eastern Spinebill

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hovering Eastern Spinebill

Hello all

I took these in my backgarden the other day,we live in the lower Blue Mountains NSW. I found this website when trying to identify them and thought I'd sign up and say hello......Hello !

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Hi there, welcome to the forum. Nice work. I have one of those shrubs, (can't come up with the name right now , old age ), their flowers are loved by all kinds of Honeyeaters.They flower for a long time, I will plant a few more of them.


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Wow, that must be one might fast shutter speed.  No motion blur at all! Very nice photos.

What settings did you use?  Was it a bright day?

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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They are great photos you have captured there, they remind me of those hummingbird photos you see from time to time, did you use high speed flash for them or just a very fast shutter speed as "soakes" had previously asked. Anyway looking forward to some more of your photos. The grayscale photo looks nice with a calm about it and a good study in form. By the way Hello.



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Yes I agree with Shane; the first thing I thought of was those beautiful hummingbird photos. Hope to see more of your photos

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Hi kcosh, stunning photos! Eastern Spinebills are one of my favourite birds. Would you mind if I used your photo to make a painting (and potentially sell prints of the painting online)? Of course I'd be happy to give you credit or give you a print or painting! I live in the lower Blue Mountains too :)

Thank you!!

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Hello and welcome to the group. They are indeed wonderful photos of a very fast little bird so well done. At a guess I would say that you didn't use flash and just used a high shutterspeed as well as a high iso in order to get the fast shutterspeed. Either way. Well captured.

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This thread is actually 6 years old. Member possibly not following.

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lol thanks Brian. I didn't even notice that.

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