The importance of conserving what we have left

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The importance of conserving what we have left

This is from Releaf, the Trees for Life winter 2022 news letter:

O ur landscape is one of a kind.
The lives of all who call South
Australia home now and in
the future, depend on it being
healthy and whole.
Each tiny piece of our ecosystem is
connected to the other; designed to
fit together perfectly. If we lose just
one vital piece, the picture will never
be the same again.
Healthy native ecosystems have all
the elements of diversity to provide a
variety of habitats and resources over
time, with the resilience to adapt to
the shift in seasons and our changing
climate. It is only within the rich
genetic diversity that exists in local
remnant ecosystems that our native
species can survive, adapt and evolve.
The vital pieces in the complex
jigsaw of existing healthy ecosystems
are the very things that simply
cannot be replaced by revegetation.
Most of our tiny plants cannot be
propagated. Species, once lost, cannot
be recovered. Once we lose these
‘unseen’ elements of ecosystems,
they’re lost to us forever.
Everything that’s needed is already
there, just as nature intended. Each
element has an important job to
do. Losing just one piece of nature’s
jigsaw will lead to losing the next and
then the next until our ecosystems,
that we as humans and all living
things depend on, can no longer
support life.
This is WHY it’s so critical we protect
and care for our remnant bushland.

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