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info on lenses

  Hoping that someone may know of a good lens to get for a Canon 60D. I have a 55-250mm but want to get a closer pic of birds. All help appreciated

                                      Thanks wink

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I use Canon gear and would suggest a 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L lens

if you usually handhold you might also consider a monopod


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It is always important to keep in mind someone's budget and skill when suggesting lenses robyns nest. Pacman is totally right suggesting the 100-400L and if I could I would have one tomorrow,, but you may not be prepared to apy $2-3000 for a lens. Also it is heavy for some people to handle. You need at least a 300ml zoom or lens length to get close to birds,, but 400 or 500 is even better. the danger comes when people get a lens that is too long for them to handle so you need to work up to it in my opinion. The L series of course are the best quality you can get but it is horses for courses smiley I know several people who have got the sigma 150 - 500 recently for birding and they are finding it great .... the price is approx $1000 and that may be more palatible .

Good luck with your photography



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Robyns nest
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   Thankyou Pacman.for the info and i appreciate it. I would like to say a big thankyou to Birdie as well for giving me the heads up on the right way to go. I am definately going for the sigma and the price is not too bad.I love love love taking pics of birds and i know i will use it so so much..

   I am just learning how to put a watermark on my pics so i will be posting a few in a couple of days. I love that we are able to have some where to share a good pic. 

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