lack of birds in Perth [North]

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lack of birds in Perth [North]

 no Indian mynahs,

 a couple of pee  wees

little Doves ?

Willy Wagtails

very quite on Bird front again i am physically restricted to get around- no camera-binnoculars.

 oh a couple of in-bred ducks in a beautiful pond set-up in  Butler W a.

                    WILL BE BACK  Family have moved to area. 

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I had no idea you lived in Perth, George, that's good to know. As for the lack of birds, is this a sudden thing? Around Perth, we have lots of lakes and bushlands where the birds are happy to live, and so to encourage them to visit us we have to make our gardens suitable.

It's a tough job to impress, it seems, I planted lots of natives plants years ago and still I don't have many birds visiting me. Time will help, of course. If you live in the suburbs like me, then planting natives and placing birdbaths and the like, that's all we can do for the birds around us.

I get basically the same birds as you do, with a few extras:

New Holland Honeyeater

Singing Honeyeater

Laughing Turtledove (introduced)

Spotted Turtledove (introduced)

Willie Wagtail

Rainbow Lorikeet

Occasional Pacific Black Duck pair (I have a pool)

Australian Magpie

Australian Raven

Brown Honeyeater

And a few other rare visitors.

At times it seems like my garden is completely empty, and at others it's filled with robins,honeyeater,silvereyes,etc.

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There is more that you can do to attract birds, you can raise the trophic levels of your garden. You can do this by adding energy in the form of nutrients such as NPK and micronutrients, by watering through the dry times, and adding organic carbon such as manure and mulch. This will encourage more plant growth which leads to more insects, flowers and shelter for birds. More carbon in the soil will mean more invertebrates living there, which is also important food for birds and other animals. It isn't just the choice of plants that is important, it is also the way you manage your garden.

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