At last some Rain!

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At last some Rain!

Some parts of SE Queensland have had over 35C every day, since Boxing day. No wonder the birds are enjoying the rain.

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What relief! Beautiful photos.


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Very serene/tranquil. Even the restless flycatcher getting some much needed rest. Thanks for sharing

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


.... the restless shall rest ... (as ryu says)

Beautifully shot .... great photos

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Just beautiful!

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Great shots, am in my third day of 'forecast' showers, have not received a drop! doh!

driest summer on record here they say.

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Very frustrating when the weather forecast is off the mark, maxhr. It's certainly an inexact science. Chuck in all the complications of climate change & it's enough to do one's head in! It might be time to put on the glad rags & start dancing.

We've been very fortunate in our part of SA. It's been the second wettest summer on record, I believe, & days have been warm, even mild with only a couple in the high 30s. Even the heat wave forecast for this week has been scaled back a bit. And we've avoided the hot northerlies which so often presage bushfires here. We have a lot to be thankful for. So far.

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