A little shout out to all you fantastic photographers

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A little shout out to all you fantastic photographers

I have just spent and hour with my 6yo scrolling through many of your photos.  I have to say thanks for your patience and talent. And congratulations on your work and passion.

Halfway through a big week of animals, national parks, and bushwalkng, your pics have helped me explain the importance of it all to him, and how birds fit in. The detail of the feathers, the petterns, what and where they eat, where and how they catch their food, what type they are, to how many of the trees are distributed. From raptors to honey eaters, he was taken. And a real buz for me when he started to make a bit of sense from the little wrens and finches flitting around in the scrub we saw today, on the way to the mountain top where we watched wedge tail eagles circle. Well done all and thanks.

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Good on you Jason for passing down this info to your little one! yes

I too have spent time with my boys teaching them about birds their calls and the importance of the native plants. I have even done some bird awareness at Boys Brigade and various camps.

Keep up the good work!yesyes

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Yes, indeed. The environment needs all the helpers, big & small, it can get. Well done, jason & Devster.

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