In love with a Copperhead

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In love with a Copperhead

I’m in love with a Copperhead.

As I mentioned in a different post, I was very privileged to be present when a Snake Catcher relocated a Copperhead at the Coolart Wetlands. I have seen some snakes in my own backyard, but they were mostly coming from somewhere and just passing through, or going to the waterhole to have a drink. And I was watching the dogs and making sure they wouldn’t hurt eachother. I have seen Tigersnakes, Red-bellied Blacksnakes and Copperheads around my place .But I was never able to get that close to a beautiful creature like this and take some photos. So for everyone’s enjoyment I will post some photos here.

Hope you fall in love with a Copperhead just as I did?

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That looks like the snake that was caught in bird netting - a very beautiful snake and extremely fortunate to be rescued in time

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That's the one Alison, beautful and lucky snake.


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