magnification gear for bird watching (which scope)

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magnification gear for bird watching (which scope)

short form of my question: which scope should i get for bird watching? price range: 30$-100$, but 45-80 $ is better. what brands to choose from? I have binoculars 8 by 56 but i would  like to see things that are further away e.g. birds perched on a tree or to look at the distant bushland for animals.  there's just times when the binocs don't go far enough. and let me know of any shops you know of.



someone gave me a pair of binocs (8 by  56 ) and i like using them.  but there are times when the bird flies into a tree and the binocs aren't good enough. i need more magnificaiton.  what am i after? monocular or spotting scope or what is it called?  and what prices are there for something that will do the job, and what is a good magnification and lense level for me? perhaps i can use it for when raptors are thermaling as well , and not just when they land far away in a tree.  i don't have much money to spend. maybe something second hand for  30 bucks - 60 bucks. if that is not enough, how much?


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