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a new one for me

Actually two firsts last week: visited Cattai Wetland at Coopernook for the first time and had a wonderful surprise with sighting of my first Pacific Baza. Loving everyone's pictures especially that Rufous Fantail.  sue

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Ooh, lovely photo of the Pacific Baza! So gorgeous!

After some birding, I was packing up my gear this afternoon when I saw one fly into a tree. By the time I got over to the tree, I could only snap a few pics, before he/she hopped into its nest, and all I could see was a tail sticking out. cryingcrying Oh well, next time! 

Great pic of the White-Necked Heron too. smiley Love the colours of the waterlillies around it. Such  interesting colours in its feathers, too.

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Great pics, Sue. I haven't seen a P Baza yetfrown

Shorty......Canon gear



Annie W
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Wonderful shots Sue!  I've never seen any of these birds myself either.  I agree with windshear, the colours in that Heron's feathers & the whole shot, just beautiful! 

West Coast Tasmania

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Wow, love your picture of the Baza. I'm jealous of anyone whose seen one of them- despite multiple attempts, I can never find one!


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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I was very lucky to see the Baza as it flew into a tree and posed before moving from one place to the next... the feeding must have been good. A second Baza flew in shortly afterwards so perhaps the family lives there. it was not an expected sighting. The White Necked Heron was also pleasing as I have tried for one numerous times in the past and now it poses in a beautiful location with good light. There were many of them present and as these wetlands seem promising I will be visiting again tomorrow. Today turned up a poor picture of my first Yellow Throated Scrubwren but it was interesting to see that it was following a Brush turkey very closely in order to feed on whatever it turned up. Great behaviour.


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Beautiful shot of the Pacific Baza.

They are such a striking and interesting bird.

They look like a classic bird of prey, yet apparently don't hunt anything much bigger than frogs, mice and lizards.


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