a night bird call

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a night bird call

g'day all - am after info on a night bird call heard here late last night.  I'm in the northern Strathbogie Ranges area. I couldn't get to action quickly enough to record it. It was mobile, moving around our small valley.  Hoping someone can tell me where to find info on any night callers that would be found in this area so I can search onwards from there.  The closest we could come to was perhaps a nightjar though not sure that's right.  Any help appreciated, thanks

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Had to google Strathbogie Ranges to find where (which state) it is for myself.

if you google search Strathbogie Rranges Bird, there are a couple of leads there. Never heard a Nightjar call, but could also be a Southern Boobook, which has a very distinctive call. I guess there are a few possibilities.

Goodluck hope you can ID your bird.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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sorry re location! thanks - I know the Boobook, they're quite common here.  This was a somewhat melodic call and one I'd not heard before, maybe one just passing through, I'll keep my ear out and the recorder at the ready!

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