over 18months since i picked up a long lens... WA

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over 18months since i picked up a long lens... WA

Due to life, work and lack of time, i all but gave up wildlife photography, almost 2 years since i picked up a telephoto. I was out walking the dog and my wife stopped to watch a kestrel hunt a few feet overhead - had a real urge to get a closer look so came back that afternoon with the camera.

Also visited a few local spots ive had luck with in the past - so different, especially the black shoulder kites hunting ground and the osprey stack- the pair have relocated to a 50ft high tree.

If anyone has any good spots to visit around Perth id love to get updated on what is where and thriving.

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Fantastic shots Micro......focal length?


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thanks! 600mm handheld

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Nice ones...The 600 really does a nice job. The photographer too of course. Well done. 

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