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people to shape the future

I received my absentee voting package today. What I really like these days and perhaps I'm a bit sad, I can go through the 38 senate party positions in my own time.  Once upon a time I'd show up at polling, tick boof head or boso, and hurriedly pick anyone else to forfill my commitement for a valid vote. That's if I was not voting invalid anyway.

It's interesting who is on offer.  Some are a waste of time. Some are not what the name suggest, well in your mind anyway.  Some don't have a web site, some have a very basic "the kids made it" site.  But there are gems in there that actually align with ones views, and you can construct a senate of close minded people who can probably work together and send a real massage back to the lower house.    

Can't say the same for the lower house as pickings are slim, well for a strong change from the same ol same ol two party prefered leats buld a new future doing the same deal.  

Just for interest, this mob are runnig for the senate.  Perhaps one ofthe more ennovative sides to politics.

Shirley Hardy
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Oh wow, I'm impressed. I have never been excited nor interested in politics until this very moment. I know who I'm voting for now, Thank You so much Jason for sharing their website link. There is hope for this country yet!

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I'm glad to hear that Shirley.  I ususally find politics boring, insulting, and depressing.  But I truly beleive we are entering the 11 hour.  Global warming be it natural or man made, for humans to not take it more seriously we will give ouselves absolutely no hope or choice in the future. Scientist say we have maybe 50 years to turns things around, and if you subscribe that things really started to hot up from around the 1900 industrial revolution, than I think the scientist have it.  

That Mad Max movie where the remaing few who live in the desert scrounging and fighting for oil, I didn't have kids for them to realise that bit of fiction has become reality.  

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