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places to see birds

Does any one have any suggestions about good places to see birds, in Sydney, that I can reach without a car? 

I like to walk in remnant bushland areas, recently in Oatley, southern suburbs, and i didn't see a single bird, and only heard them from quite a distance. 

Lower nth shore, at Forsythe park, which is native bushland also but in a more built up area surrounding it, I did see a few birds but still mainly the ones i see at home, magpies, lorrikeets (except for the one kookaburra and a brush turkey).  

Thanks Elizabeth

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I'm not a local but the ebird hotspot map could be useful, when you zoom in, you can click on the markers which detail what has been seen at those locations. 

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thanks for that link, it is very helpful.  Lots of ideas.


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