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A question????

here it comes:

I have a question regarding a certain kind of photos, and the reaction or the non-reaction to them. There seem to be two categories of photos. When people make a choice which ones to look at or which ones not,  do they go by , what kind of bird it is? If it is a common bird like this Cormorant, do they think, “oh no, not another one of those” , or do they make a decision on who they  think might take good photos, and have a look anyway? I find this very interesting, is there a certain strategy to get your photo looked at? I have noticed, that sometimes excellent and interesting photos go unnoticed. Any thoughts on it??

DSC01010 (1) just another Cormorant? or a good photo? do you look , or not?

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I guess, the question is, is the bird important? Yes! Is the photo important? To me it is! (even if it's a common bird)


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I certainly pay more attention to the unusual & this photo is unusual to me.

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I try to look at as many as possible, but I do find this site extremely slow at times and simply don't have that much time just to sit waiting.  So there will be some pics I've missed along the way.  This is the only reason. Though I love seeing all the pics when I can,  I don't feel obligated to comment on every one.

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What a lovely photo M-L, really interesting pose. As for your question: I look at as many photos as possible, regardless if they are of a common bird or not. I will generally make an effort to comment on most images I look at as well. There is no thumbnail showing the image itself, so it's always a little bit of a surprise what may be attached to the threads. And in my view, from a photography perspective, every image has merit, especially for the fact that they mean the world to the person having taken them!  

The only ones I deliberately ignore commenting on are ones posted by those who I know do not contribute anything back to our community, other than "share" some photos and never comment on any other people's posts. I have no time for show-off "members" like that.

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Personally, I usually look at most photos, but only tend to comment on maybe half of them at most.

I often comment where the photos are birds that are unusual or unknown to me, or where it shows interesting behaviour, or where I can tell it is an exciting bird to have in your backyard or to have seen.

On the other hand, how much else I have to do, and my current levels of stress/relaxation about that will be just as significant in whether I take the time to comment or not.

It rarely has anything to do with who has posted the images, and I don't tend to think "oh no, not another one of those", more like "oh yes, i know those well" and my degree of "relatedness" to the bird will also impact if I comment. e.g. common birds I like and feel related to such as pied butcherbirds, rosellas, kookaburras, will be more likely to get a comment.

Also, I will more likely comment if I can add more info or value than just "Well done, nice shots"



I  look at everyones photos and comment on almost all photos when i go on. It never has anything to do with who has posted it or what sort of bird it as i love them all. Sometime i just dont have the time but have a quick look every night, dont comment  but go on the next night  then comment. 

This is a great shot. I love the comorant and love the way they pose ( i have so many photos of them).

I think its nice when someones photos get a comment on them, especially when they have gone to the effect to put them up and i bet they are proud as punch of that particular shot  but it doesn't always happen. We have had shots up that have had no comments not that it bothers us but i guess it happens.

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I try to look at every type of photo. All photos deserve a chance because the member has gone to the trouble to post it and that way I can see a wide range of photos.

I like the head back on the shoulder pose of the cormy M-L :)

Cheers, Owen.

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I haven't have much time to comment latley but I try to look at most photos - ones with interesting titles or unusual birds probably get looked at first but they all get looked at eventually. I don't usually like to say "nice photo" by itself especially if a lot of replies already say that but when my work hours get cut over winter I will probably get more time especially as the site is loading so much better than before. The only birds I probably don't bother to look at are non-natives as they mostly do not interest me but the more common native birds will certainly get a look from me. It should be noted that a bird that is common to you may not be to someone else.

M-L, I do look at your birds as not only are they well photographed you add an extra caption or story or comment (as in this case or in the thread this photo was originally posted) that adds to their appeal.yes

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I look at as many posts as possible and do not differentiate on the basis of the poster

However I don't always comment on the pics, any comments will likely be brief


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