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raptor Dicky Beach

This post might just end up a bit of skiting, had a raptor in our litle suburban garden, next to the chook pen.  No photos, only sat on the top of hte ladder for 20 seconds or so.

All grey, bright yellow feet, might have had a red mark across chest?  The picture that looks ost like it is the Grey Falcon Falco hypoleucos  http://www.raptor.org.au/fhypoleucos.html

But that is an arid inland species??

Nothing on your database about them.

I checked out the raptor.org.au photos and the Grey Falcon was the only one to come close.

Whatever it was it certainly quietend my chickens down.

We have had Pacific Bazza visit, 4 or 5 types of owls, and sea eagles regular fly over the suburb.

All I can do is log it on here and maybe someone in the area can get a photo or confirm or just keep an eye out for it?

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Maybe a Grey Goshawk ?

Shorty......Canon gear



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