section for newbies? I'm new and needing help

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section for newbies? I'm new and needing help

I am in Brisbane North and so far I have taken a couple dozen photos of ducks, goose, and birds which I think are all fairly common,  if anyone is in or around the albany creek area I would love to know the best place to shot some great snaps,  I found the local bat colony I know not bird related but found birds close by :)  I don't really know that much and won't pretend I do but I would like to, I love all creatures so any places or interest and best times to catch them would be great the major mitchells down by the ACSS have disappeared now ?? I'm trying to find them and get some pics :)

my favorite so far is an indian minor bird I think thats what he is and a few other sassy common birds, it won''t let me upload my picture says its too big :(

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Hi tinkerbellandpeterpan, welcome, here are a few links from this site which might help. Most here use applications such as Flickr to store and upload their photos (free basic accounts, pay for more storage and less adds?)

Posting photos using Flickr (from the Announcements/Help thread) located at the top of the Forums page.

Photgraphy tips and tricks;

You can also use software usually supplied with you operating system to resize photos, which must be less than 500kb, but I am not sure how to do that.

Hopefully,you can figure it out and put some of your pics up for us all to see.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Hi tinkerbellandpeterpan and welcome

I see Dale has given you some very helpfull information.

There are a couple of local spots that are full of birds you can check out in Brisbane.

Here are a few that are not too far from Albany Creek:

  • Kumbatcho Sanctuary 15 Bunya Pine Ct, Eatons Hill 
  • Walk about Creek 60 Mount Nebo Rd, The Gap
  • Maiala at Mt Glorious is definately worth a look, it is alive with birds this time of year but you need to get there before all the families start to arive. 
  • Manorina walking tracks off Mt Nebo Rd
  • Bellbird Grove also off Mt Nebo Rd
  • Goldscrub Lane Samsonvale Cemetary

These should get you started.

After visiting some of these spots, hopefully you will have upgraded your favourite bird to one that is not introduced and not regarded as a threat to other native birds.

Happy hunting

Cheers Devon

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Thank you I will look into all those very soon much appreciated k

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Welcome tinkerbell&peterpan. If your interest in birds develops anything like mine is still doing after 43 years you're in for a marvelous ride. There's so much to learn not only about the birds themselves but also their habitats & the various influences on their populations & behaviour. 

Like Devster I hope you'll quickly develop a love for a range of native birds rather than the Indian Mynah which is introduced & extremely destructive. You might be interested to know that there are councils which are now aware of the dangers of this bird & have eradication programs to at least reduce their numbers so that native species have a better chance of surviving. 

All the best. 

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not everyday you meet fans of the Indian (aka Common) Myna in Aust

though it is better renowned in its native land, being considered a talented mimick when taught human language, and they mate for life so are considered a good omen for marriages. they are also called 'farmers friend' in much of asia because they feed on various crop pests (one of the main reasons they were introduced to Australia, though unfortunately they did not adapt to the local crop pest species here, and soon became one themselves, feeding on various fruit crops and unrooting seedling). 

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Welcome, In regard to resizing images I use which I think is a free tool. You simply download. Then right click on your image and it will ask if you want to open You can then crop to size and resize to, for example, 800 wide and 72 ??? not sure of the technical word. There is a how to file etc etc. This will bring your size down to something usable on this site. Cheers.

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Welcome to the site. I have tried both options mentioned above but Flickr is easy and gives a pretty good result. You can also leave your pictures full size and just go to view all sizes and download the medium 800x534 size before copying the link. Resizing through photo programmes did not work as well or easily for me.


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