A shower in Samford.

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A shower in Samford.

..the usual reidents are more than happy to take advantage of the bird baths.

Little Wattlebird...

 A pair of Brown Honeyeaters..


Very nice Reflex .... love the rain drops and the droplets on the birds

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What no Grey Fantails or Eastern Yellow Robins?

Good mix of birds.


Made me think back to some of your  first posts of brown honeyeaters in your Grevillas there  - your photography has come along way!

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Thanks WD, I remember those posts. I must admit this site has been great for help and tips and still is.

I'm not one who can do things by halves, it's all or nothing with me and photography has become a consuming passion. If I don't get out with a camera on the week-end at least once I get withdrawal symptoms, even if all I get to photograph are Eastern Yellow Robins or Grey Fantails. 

Samford Valley Qld.

Rick N
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Nice Reflex, not usually a fan of birds on man made structures but these really work.

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Beautiful. I have not seen either of those birds before. Wish I got those Brown Homeyeaters here, they are so pretty

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