sore point [Woko]

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sore point [Woko]

 just a note to you and others.

wife buys 6 six bags of sugar cane mulch , oh that realy is nice.

1/2 hour later go out the back to have a cuppa and 5 1/2 bags of mulch over the whole yard,

between mynas and black bird what can one do but battle on.

                                                            we still have a sence of Humour.

                                                                             ha ha look forward to all your comments.

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Just as well you bought six bags & not five, George. As someone suggested on another thread, an approach to your council about a myna trap might be the go. If they don't have one then an approach to your councillor about the need for the council to get one or two or three might be also be the go.

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